November 13, 2013

A Friendship Made for TV: Alex Gansa '84 and Howard Gordon '84 of the hit show Homeland | Grad-Alum Conference | Princeton in the Bone Wars | Grade Deflation Under Review



Tigers and Dinosaurs

In the golden age of paleontology, Princetonians joined in the ‘Bone Wars’ to build a renowned collection — even if that sometimes meant academic hanky-panky

Buddy Story

In this script, two college friends dream of the big time, muddle through rejection, and come away with TV’s top honor

The Roaring 'Twenties

Explore the interactive project of Emily Thompson *92 and Scott Mahoy, produced through the multimedia journal Vectors

On the Campus

On the Campus

All in a Day's Work

From script to stage in 24 hours: A ‘wild, caffeine-fueled adventure’
On the Campus

Diversified Strategy

Endowment valued at $18.2 billion after investment return of 11.7 percent
On the Campus

Fresh Look at Grading

Eisgruber raises grade-deflation questions, asks faculty members to review policy
On the Campus

Found in Firestone

On display, hidden items uncovered during the library’s renovation


Life of the Mind


President's Page

Alumni News

Alumni News

Buying into Bitcoin

Who needs dollars? Some tech-savvy users are adopting this ‘crypto-currency’

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