Tiger of the Week Eric Hagen ’92 is at the top of his field, according to Forbes.com. Last week, the magazine chose him as the leading brokerage analyst in oil exploration and production, his area of expertise, and ranked Hagen fifth in its "dazzling dozen" of top analysts across all fields. (Rankings are based on a three-year performance history of "long-term calls," compiled by Zacks Investment Research in Chicago.)

Hagen, a onetime Princeton wrestler who served in the U.S. Marines after graduation, began working in the oil and natural gas sector as a consultant and has been an industry analyst for the last eight years, according to Forbes. He currently works for Banc of America Securities-Merrill Lynch Research, outperforming his peers with what Forbes described as "data-intensive methodology, an affinity for running 'what if' scenarios, and ... [a] focus on new industry trends."

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