Every story, letter, and blog post at PAW Online and on The Weekly Blog offers the chance to comment. These five stories were the most popular discussion points for Princeton Alumni Weekly readers in 2010.
1. Temperatures rising
PAW's March 17 story about faculty global-warming skeptics Robert Austin and William Happer *64 drew responses from supporters and detractors... Read more
2. Finding a new purpose
Readers were inspired by Noel Valero ’82 *86, who suffers from the painful movement disorder dystonia and has become a leading advocate for those with the rare disease... Read more
3. Perspective: A good and perfect gift
Amy Julia Truesdell Becker ’98 told the story of how having a daughter with "limitations" helped her break through boundaries as a mother... Read more
4. No club hopeful left behind?
Alumni responded to a new proposal for an eating-club selection plan that could be an alternative to the current bicker process... Read more
5. Return to Dachau
A Web Exclusive essay by Alan W. Lukens ’46 told the story of his visit to the concentration camp he'd helped to liberate 65 years earlier... Read more
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