Maggie Pecsok ’18 and John “Newby” Parton ’18
Sameer A. Khan

PYNE HONOR PRIZES, the top award for undergraduates, went to: MAGGIE PECSOK ’18, psychology with a certificate in cognitive science. Her time as an undergraduate researcher in the Princeton Neuroscience of Attention and Perception Lab has influenced her plans for a career as a physician-scientist. JOHN “NEWBY” PARTON ’18, public and international affairs, with certificates in the programs in urban studies and values and public life. His studies have focused on the court system, criminal-justice reform, and journalism, and he hopes to become a judge. 

THE PORTER OGDEN JACOBUS FELLOWSHIPS, which fund a graduate student’s final year, were given to: GEORGIOS MOSCHIDIS, mathematics. For his dissertation, he developed a proof for two well-known open conjectures in classical general relativity, Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity. MATTHEW EDWARDS ’12, mechanical and aerospace engineering. An aspiring academic, he works on using optical and plasma science to advance technology such as particle accelerators. COLE BUNZEL ’08, Near Eastern studies. He plans to become a professor and researches Wahhābism in Saudi Arabia and jihadism associated with al-Qaida and the Islamic State group. CHANTAL BERMAN, politics. She studies the political outcomes of the Arab Spring uprisings and plans to go into academia.