Test your knowledge of Princeton actors and filmmakers. Twenty-one readers answered all five questions correctly before our contest deadline, and one prize-winner was drawn at random from that group of top scorers on March 10, 2014: Congratulations to Diana Savit ’73.

1. Ethan Coen ’79 and brother Joel won their first Academy Award for the screenplay of which film?

a. Fargo

b. No Country for Old Men

c. The Big Lebowski

2. Triangle Club contemporaries Jimmy Stewart ’32 and Jose Ferrer ’33 (pictured) each won Oscars for best actor. What other honor do the two men share?

a. Both have Princeton performance venues named for them.

b. Both received the University’s Woodrow Wilson Award.

c. Both have been featured on U.S. postage stamps.

3. Brooke Shields ’87 appeared in more than a half-dozen films before enrolling at Princeton, including one by this Oscar-nominated French director whose work became the subject of her senior thesis.

a. Francois Truffaut

b. Maurice Ronet

c. Louis Malle

4. Which of these 1979 best-picture nominees was co-produced by Princetonian Tom Sternberg ’57?

a. Apocalypse Now

b. Breaking Away

c. Norma Rae

5. Michael Kass ’82’s credits include four films that have won Oscars in which category?

a. Best Documentary Feature

b. Best Animated Feature

c. Best Costume Design

1. — a. Fargo

2. — c. Both have been featured on U.S. postage stamps.

3. — c. Louis Malle

4. — a. Apocalypse Now

5. — b. Best Animated Feature