Total yearly cost: $72,520

Princeton’s undergraduate tuition, room, and board will rise 4.9 percent for 2019–20, matching the percentage increase for the current academic year. The increase — part of a $2.3 billion operating budget adopted by University trustees in April — means a fee package of $69,020. An estimated $3,500 for books and personal expenses brings the total to $72,520.

The budget for undergraduate financial aid will grow by 7.2 percent to $187.4 million, the University said, with more than 60 percent of undergraduates receiving financial assistance. The average grant is expected to increase by 6.6 percent to about $57,100 next year. For families earning up to $65,000, the aid package generally covers the full cost of tuition, room, and board.

“We follow the simple but important principle that a Princeton education should be affordable and accessible to any family,” Provost Deborah Prentice said in a University statement. The University said its undergraduate fee package continues to be the lowest in the Ivy League.

For graduate students, research stipends will increase 3.1 percent and teaching stipends 2.7 percent. Graduate-housing rates will rise 3 percent.

The annual budget report from the Priorities Committee noted that competition to attract and retain the best faculty “remains intense.” It also said the University has not yet received clear guidance from the IRS on the recently enacted 1.4 federal percent tax levied on the net investment income of Princeton and a small number of other colleges and universities.

The endowment will provide $1.38 billion, or 57 percent, of next year’s operating budget.