Don Carey '51, left, and Dennis Markatos-Soriano *08 on the East Coast Greenway May 26. Carey and his wife, Barbara, completed their 540-mile ride to Reunions. (Brett Tomlinson/PAW)
In the 2011 Reunions Guide, we told the story of Don Carey ’51 and his wife, Barbara, who were planning to ride their bikes from New Hampshire to Princeton for Reunions in May. This afternoon, just after 2 p.m., the Careys were all smiles when they arrived on campus with a few riding friends: Margaret McGlynn ’86 and her husband, Stoney Emshwiller, who flew in from California and rode to campus from New Brunswick, N.J.; Dennis Markatos-Soriano *08, executive director of the East Coast Greenway Alliance; and Andrew Besold, an East Coast Greenway volunteer.
The Careys averaged about 40 miles per day on their trip, which included a well-timed break to visit their daughter’s family in New York City. By stopping in New York, they ducked a stretch of rainy weather and made the final three days of their journey under mostly clear skies.
Below, more photos from today’s ride. (Click images to see captions and view as a slide show.)