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The USS Princeton — the sixth U.S. Navy ship to carry the Princeton name —is docked in San Diego to be retrofitted. As part of the refurbishment, the crew is hoping to redecorate, and they’re looking for a few good Princeton souvenirs.

Though the ship is named after the Revolutionary War battle in town, the Navy is interested in collecting memorabilia from the University for the ship. “We can outfit it in all sorts of orange and black — there’s no shortage of that,” says Sev Onyshkevych ’83, who is collecting items as chair of the Alumni Association’s Princetoniana Committee.

When Princeton’s football team plays its first game of the season at the University of San Diego Sept. 20, several of the ship’s crew members are expected to attend alongside members of the Princeton Club of San Diego.

Those wishing to donate items to the ship should contact Onyshkevych at