Malcolm Warnock '25 (Photo: T. Kevin Birch)
Malcolm Roe Warnock ’25, Princeton’s oldest alumnus and a fixture at the front of the Old Guard at Reunions, died Oct. 9, according to the University’s Office of Alumni Records. He was 107.
Warnock, a retired lawyer from Maplewood, N.J., was a member of the orchestra and glee club during his undergraduate days. He received the Class of 1923 Cane, given to the oldest returning alumnus at Reunions, a record eight times (2001, 2006-12).
In 2011, PAW wrote about one memorable Reunions visit for Warnock, who arranged to meet with Nana Young ’12, the daughter of Tina Young, a worker in the retirement home where Warnock lived. The two chatted about Princeton — a topic that the elder Young said was a popular one for Warnock. “The only way to get him to make conversation is to mention Princeton,” she said.
Video: Warnock receives the silver cane from President Tilghman in 2006.

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