Alumni who came back for the Princeton-Harvard football game last fall enjoyed a stunning comeback win by the Tigers. This year, the Princeton-Yale weekend (Nov. 15-17) promises more excitement: The football team is aiming for its first Ivy League title since 2006, and the weekend schedule includes tailgates, concerts, and shows. Visit PAW Online throughout the week for previews of the game and other campus events.
— Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor
Putnam, the director of the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, speaks about the lingering fascination with JFK and the greatest accomplishment of his unfinished presidency. READ MORE


PAW digs into the archives to identify some of Princeton football’s most memorable victories against the Bulldogs. Add your favorite Princeton-Yale memories in the comments. READ MORE
Gregg Lange ’70 explores the exploits of Hobey Baker 1914 on the gridiron, on the ice, and in the skies during World War I. Also available as a podcast. READ MORE or LISTEN


Listen to “Gloria,” a track from a new CD, directed by Urquhart, that highlights the work of often-overlooked Franco-Flemish composer Pierrequin de Thérache. LISTEN
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Buddy Story
In this script, two college friends dream of the big time, muddle through rejection, and come away with TV’s top honor.

Tigers and Dinosaurs
In the golden age of paleontology, Princetonians joined in the “Bone Wars” to build a renowned collection — even if that sometimes meant academic hanky-panky.

Fresh Look at Grading
President Eisgruber ’83 asks faculty members to review Princeton’s grade-deflation policy, despised by many students.

Many Minds, Many Stripes
A conference for graduate alumni welcomes them back as full members of the Princeton fold.

Capturing Stillness
A retrospective of photographer Emmet Gowin’s career displays intimate portraits.

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