More students accepted Princeton’s offer to join the Class of 2022 than anticipated, and the University will be converting some space over the summer to house them. 

The target for the incoming freshman class was 1,296. The University declined to say how many students enrolled but said the yield rose to 69 percent of the 1,941 who were admitted, which would be 1,339 students. The yield is the highest since 2002, when Princeton had a binding early-decision option. 

Space occupied by the Princeton Writing Program in Lauritzen Hall, one of the Whitman College dorms, will be converted to house students. “We are well-prepared to accommodate all our students,” the University said in a statement. 

Those who identify as minority students, including multiracial, make up 45.7 percent of the incoming class, and international students 12.6 percent. Legacies are 14.4 percent and recruited athletes 16.2 percent of the class. Two active military reservists enrolled.

Men hold a narrow majority, 50.6 to 49.4 percent. The percentage of Pell Grant recipients declined slightly from last year, from 22 to 20, as did the percentage of first-generation students, from 17 to 15. 

Ten of the 13 transfer applicants offered admission have enrolled. Six have served in the military, seven are low-income applicants, and seven have been community-college students (a student may meet multiple criteria).