Thank you for this important profile of Gov. Jared Polis ’96 (“The Unpredictable Politician,” October issue). It’s critical for us to see more of the nation’s rational and moderate leaders like him who are the counterpoint to the dominating noise and fury of American politics today.

In addition to all of the impressive work he’s done highlighted in this article, for many years, Gov. Polis and his parents hosted a set of students from Ivy League schools during weeks-long summer internships with their family publishing business, split between Boulder and La Jolla, California. I was a lucky one to nab a spot with them and will never forget the work which exposed us to practical business and artistic insights we couldn’t find anywhere else. To boot, their entire family and the business’s employees were of the kindest and most charitable nature imaginable. Truly, these are good people, the kind we desperately need in American politics now and in the future. I’m eternally grateful for my summer experience in 2000 and remain very proud to support Gov. Polis still today!

Zeyna Ballee ’01
Aix en Provence, France