In Response to: The hookup culture

It was like a small ray of sunshine breaking through very cloudy skies to read the March 4 letter from professors Robert George and John Londregan. I commend them for their fortitude in presenting the subject of the hookup culture so succinctly. It does seem that the University, seemingly so willing to address the needs of a great variety of student needs and interests, should give equal attention to those students who, to use the professors’ words, want to develop morally decent romantic relationships. It seems that their concerns could have and should have been addressed by the University Chapel team. (However, it also seems that Princeton now gives only token recognition to the Christian heritage and history of this great University. Likewise, the various denominational chaplains might have addressed this issue.)  

It is incongruous that the concerns come from two professors in the politics department, but perhaps it is good that they are the ones who have spoken out instead of the “religious” enclaves on campus. It is true that most students want to be “normal,” and the University’s provision of programs that reinforce the culture of sexual promiscuity may cause some confusion about what is normal. It is time for the University to be supportive also of our young people with strong moral standards.

Herschel R. Phelps Jr. ’53