In Response to: Tigers in world series

Belatedly reading Larry Becker ’51’s ­letter (June 1) about Princeton in the 1951 College World Series, I was struck by his reference to pitcher Dave Sisler ’53.

In February 1953, I was a freshman trying out for the catcher’s position on the freshman baseball team. The weather was still wintry, so we were practicing in an ill-lighted Dillon Gym. Coach Dickman asked me to catch for Sisler, a senior varsity pitcher. He already had signed a professional contract with the Detroit Tigers, but he wanted to keep in shape. He was just loosening up, but I had never caught from anyone who threw so hard. I managed to catch the first pitch, but the second one bypassed my mitt and hit me full in the solar plexus. I don’t believe I ever saw it, and I went out like a light.

When I awoke and looked up in the coach’s face, I knew my Princeton ­baseball career was over.

Ross A. Webber ’56