In Response to: Time to end a sport?

I am writing in response to Stephan J. Bednar ’60’s letter (Feb. 24), which suggests that Princeton end its sprint football program because it cannot compete effectively in the league. While it is true that Princeton’s sprint football has not been competitive for some time, I believe it is time for the University to step up and support the program. 

Are you aware that sprint football does not have recruited athletes and a fulltime coaching staff?  What other varsity sport would be competitive if it had to recruit players from the general student body every year? President Tilghman has been quoted as saying that “Princeton is the gold standard when it comes to athletic achievement in an academic setting in the U.S.” However, I don’t believe she truly believes that. By not allowing this proud varsity team with a 75-year tradition to have recruited athletes and fulltime coaching, she has not only made a mockery of the program, but has disgraced the University. When does Princeton do anything halfway? If Penn and Cornell can be competitive, then so can Princeton.

Sprint alumni and current players have made the request for recruiting slots to President Tilghman many times, always falling on deaf ears. If this team had seven to eight recruited players a year and a fulltime coaching staff, it would be competitive in two years. It’s time for Princeton to support sprint football, not cut it.

Paul A. Gabriele ’82
Andrew Gabriele ’11