Alton, of Glenmont, N.Y., died June 22, 2021, at the Hospice Inn at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, N.Y. 

He was born June 28, 1933, in Albany, and attended Albany Academy for 13 years. He was a three-letter man — football, basketball, and baseball — and graduated cum laude in 1951. 

At Princeton he majored in chemical engineering and joined Campus Club. Alton served on the Undergraduate Schools Committee and was active in IAA football, baseball, basketball, and pool. His senior-year roommate was Ed Mason. After serving in the Air Force, he earned an MBA from Stanford.

For seven years he worked for B.T. Babbitt, a consumer-goods company. When it was sold, he joined the Eden Park Nursing Home organization and spent 45 years there, the last 40 as president. 

Alton’s wife, Gaynelle, said, “Alton lived a very rich and full life, much of it centered around his job and our lovely home. Everyone who knew him loved him; he left a lot of friends.” He also amassed a vast stamp collection, which he bequeathed to his grandsons Zachary and Steven.

Alton is survived by his wife, Gaynelle; sons Alton and Andrew; daughter Holly; stepchildren Maureen, Hugh, Jennifer, and Anthony; and three grandchildren.

Undergraduate Class of 1955