Born in Baltimore, Charlie spent the bulk of his life in Maryland. When his health began to fail in 2017 due to prostate cancer, he moved to Madison, Wis., to be near his sisters. He died there June 5, 2020.

Preceded at Princeton by his father, Gairdner Moment ’28, he had relatives in the classes of 1896 and 1938 as well as in 1959 (our classmate Reade Ryan, a second cousin). A math major, Charlie joined Wilson Lodge and played the bass violin in the Triangle Club and Savoyard orchestras. Intrigued with numbers, he wrote his senior thesis on game theory. After Princeton he earned a master’s degree in math from Purdue and a Ph.D. in math from Texas Tech, taught himself piano by playing Beethoven sonatas, then settled down to work at the Social Security Administration in Baltimore as a senior statistical analyst, retiring in 2007.

A Contract Bridge Association life master, Charlie was also an avid member of Where’s George?, a currency tracking group, paying restaurant tabs in small bills marked with the organization’s URL, then tracking their circulation. Some of the data obtained were used to project the spread of epidemics.

Charlie is survived by his sisters, Sarah Atis, Ann Combs, and Jane Jordan; their husbands; and many nieces and nephews, to whom the class extends its sympathies.

Undergraduate Class of 1959