Ed died July 27, 2018, in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., from complications of a stroke. He will be remembered as a caring doctor with a big smile, always ready to make a house call.

He graduated from Millbrook School and was an electronics technician in the Navy. At Princeton, he rowed on the 150-pound crew, belonged to Quadrangle, and majored in biology.

After completing his medical studies at New York Medical College, he opened an office as a general practitioner in the Adirondack village of Warrensburg, N.Y. From his home there he conducted a solo practice for 20 years, a practice that ranged from delivering babies to minor surgery. He helped found the Warrensburg Health Center and was Warren County coroner for 18 years. After leaving private practice, he became medical director of Wilton Development Center, a 400-bed state center. He retired in 1989.

Besides being active in village affairs, Ed enjoyed the outdoors. He skied until age 86. He built his own iceboat and raced it across Lake George. He drove a motor home with his family, camping throughout much of the country.

Ed is survived by his wife of 60 years, Millie; son Ted; daughters Susan and Beth; and two grandchildren.

Undergraduate Class of 1950