Fred, a psychiatrist specializing in phobias, a novelist, and a prolific commentator on a vast range of interests, died May 13, 2021, in the Bronx, N.Y. He graduated from Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, earning a scholarship as an accomplished child pianist.

At Princeton he majored in philosophy, joined Court Club, and had a weekly radio program on WPRU. His senior-year roommate was Ed Orshan.

At New York University medical school Fred supported himself playing poker and became a skillful artist, creating abstract paintings with whimsical images somewhat reminiscent of Picasso. He also met Susan Kley, a student at Smith, was instantly enamored, and attempted to woo her by sending her a poem written in Middle English. He soon discovered he had copied the wrong selection, but still managed to persuade her to marry him. 

In 1962 he was drafted into the Army and stationed in Germany. Two well-regarded mystery novels followed that featured a crime-solving psychiatrist, who he not-too-convincingly denied was based on himself. In later years he had a blog in which he opined about emotional issues, dating, politics, and a broad range of topics.

Fred is survived by his wife, Susan; children Eve, James, and Michael; and four grandchildren

One former patient said, “He saved my life and was an important influence for over 25 years. Rest in peace, Doc. You told me many times there was a one-in-one chance of dying.”

Undergraduate Class of 1955