Jim died May 30, 2020, of a heart attack in Houston, Texas, just a few weeks shy of his 52nd birthday.

At Princeton Jim majored in politics and was a member of Campus Club. He is remembered as the philosopher king of Wilson (now First) College dining hall and expert DFS student manager. He was known for his ability to approach everyone with charm as well as to seek humor and conversation with all who were within earshot. 

After Princeton Jim did postgraduate work at George Washington University and worked as an economist specializing in the areas of oil and gas. He was active in his community, teaching Sunday School and volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. Similar to his student days, He was known for being smart, funny, caring, and supportive, making friends wherever he went. 

Jim is survived by his wife, Florence Snively; children Margaret, William, and Jennifer Lockhart; parents Walter Coffill Lockhart III and Ann Broderick Lockhart; and brother Walter Coffill Lockhart IV. 

Undergraduate Class of 1990