“Kreidmann here.” That’s how Ken announced himself in regular telephone calls to some 85 percent of his Princeton classmates. For years classmates could expect calls at 6 in the morning, 6 in the evening, or any time in between. He never required much time, never asked a favor, and never failed to laugh. The calls ended June 25, 2011, when Ken lost his battle with cancer.  

Ken came to Princeton from Columbia Grammar School in New York City, where he was president of the student council and made the All-City Private Schools Soccer Team. At Princeton he majored in history, ate at Cloister Inn, served as an Orange Key keyceptor, and volunteered with the Trenton Tutorial Project.

After Princeton he graduated from Columbia Law School and began an eclectic career that included teaching at a private school, editing at publishing houses, and working as in-house counsel. In retirement he played tennis, collected autographs, and, of course, called classmates.

The class extends its sympathy to Ken’s family and to his longtime friend and partner, Anne Davies. We will miss Ken, his cheerful disposition, and his calls — calls that regularly reminded us of a bond that goes back nearly half a century.

Undergraduate Class of 1966