Paul died Dec. 22, 2000. He graduated from Montclair Kimberly Academy and came to Princeton in 1975. He was a well-loved fixture at Princeton Inn College, renowned for knowing every song lyric of the previous 20 years and miming all of "American Pie." Lately, he was a frequent guest DJ on WZBC radio, near Boston. He was a founding member of a group of friends styling themselves the Old Guard, blissfully unaware of the copyright violation. A liberal arts major, his camaraderie with engineers and physics majors made him a natural for his jobs on the staffs of several computer magazines, lastly as an editor at PC Week. Paul is survived by his parents and one brother, another brother having predeceased him. Comforted by Paul's faith, his friends of all classes wish him Godspeed.

The Class of 1980

Undergraduate Class of 1980