In Response to: Behind a badge

I’d like to comment on Peter Moskos ’94’s Perspective, “Behind a Badge” (June 11). Having been serving our country for 24 years, a combat vet, and currently a colonel in the U.S. Air Force, I’m shocked that Princeton has no or very few police-officer grads. I know the number of Princeton military officers is extremely low, but the lack of police officers really surprised me.

As Peter said, “I would risk my life for others, even for those I didn’t know.” I believe this truly expresses service not only to the police department, but to America. Having done the same myself numerous times, it makes me feel I actually have made a difference in this world. I’m not rich with money; I’m rich in knowing I’ve served people. I sure sleep well at night, and that beer does taste better every night I come home alive. I think it’s about time to change Princeton’s motto of “In the nation’s service” to something else. Obviously, there are only a few that really get it.

Col. Bob Schwarze ’84