In Response to: Progressive group forms

In their Jan. 18 letter describing the newly formed Princeton Progressive Action Committee, Jason Gold ’81, Alison Holtzschue ’82, Tom Burka ’81, and John Oakes ’83 “invite all like-minded members of the Princeton community to join our conversation.” How can you have a conversation among like-minded people? A one-sided communication or a rally, perhaps, but not a conversation. Conversation happens among different-minded people holding diverse, even conflicting views. The discussion, as a result, is spirited, free-wheeling, and open-ended.

In contrast, discussions among like-minded people tend to be scripted, close-ended affairs, where the conclusions already have been reached, and where labels are used to box people (progressives vs. regressives?), and exclude those not holding the same views. Such like-minded communication is the bane of our politics right now. Conversation would be a nice change.

Judith N. Shapiro *78