Joshua DuBois *05, founder and CEO of Values Partnerships, said more than 500 congregations agreed to ring bells during Congressman John Lewis’ funeral, a volunteer effort of his consulting firm in partnership with Lewis’ family. — Religion News Service
In her new book, The End of Everything, astrophysicist Katie Mack *09 “sprinkles in delightful esoterica” while explaining plausible end-of-universe scenarios. — The New York Times
Merck chemist Jesús G. Estrada *19 discussed how the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy allowed him to apply to Princeton’s doctoral program, and he now feels a responsibility to share his story. — Chemical & Engineering News
Historian and biographer Gregory Nobles ’70 examined how John James Audubon owned slaves and dismissed the abolitionist movement: “As much as we celebrate his environmental legacy, we need to grapple with his racial legacy.” — Audubon magazine

A new paper co-authored by Yale philosophy professor Joshua Knobe *06 says good people are perceived as happy. The results suggest “people find a deep connection between being a good person morally and living a happy life.” — Psychology Today
Racial dialogue expert David Campt ’82 appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Trevor Noah as “the white people whisperer,” giving tips on how to have constructive conversations about racism. —

“In other words, the world needs people to look out for the broad well-being of society. But those people are not corporate executives. They are elected leaders who are competent and trustworthy.”

— Harvard economics professor N. Gregory Mankiw ’80 on why C.E.O.s are equipped to generate profits but not to handle broad societal issues. — The New York Times

Colorado Rep. Ken Buck ’81 said the fall election is a chance for Republicans to strike back at cancel culture, and outlined a new book he co-authored, Capitol of Freedom: Restoring American Greatness. — Fox News
Morgan Jerkins ’14 took a journey through the South, Oklahoma, and Los Angeles to understand what it means for her to be a Black American, and shared her discoveries in a new travel memoir, Wandering in Strange Lands. — Travel & Leisure
On The Way Through podcast, Cornel West *80 — who is co-hosting his own new podcast, The Tight Rope — said the pandemic is both weakening and strengthening white supremacy. — Vox