By day, Adam Gussow ’79 *00 is a mild-mannered Ole Miss professor who teaches about American literature. After office hours, he’s on fire — as one of the country’s leading harmonica players and the “Adam” of the blues duo Satan and Adam. 

PAW writer Mark F. Bernstein ’83 met up with Gussow at the Hill Country Harmonica festival in the spring, and tells his story vividly in our pages. To truly understand Gussow, however, you must visit PAW Online, at

That’s where you can hear Gussow, as his music plays behind a slide show of him in action. That and other multimedia features at PAW Online are largely the work of staffer Brett Tomlinson, who recently became PAW’s first digital editor. He and Ray Ollwerther ’71, PAW’s managing editor, are responsible for our growing presence online, both on our own website and in social media such as Facebook ( and Twitter ( 

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Brett Tomlinson
Brett Tomlinson

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