Alumni commented at PAW Online on a June 2 story on Princeton's fraternities and sororities. "All we heard at Reunions was how one couldn't get into this eating club or that one unless one pledged the 'right' sorority or fraternity. Ban them!" said John Ward ’75.

Richard Cummings ’59 commented that the Greek organizations "bring out the worst tendencies of those who consider themselves privileged. The pledge system is revolting. We have clubs. That's enough."

Questions raised about the future of the Dinky in the May 12 cover story, "Where town meets gown," also brought responses. "Never give up the Dinky," wrote Gordon Schwartz ’56, who added: "It is a Princeton tradition. I am sure you could find alumni support to keep it going." Jim LaRegina, a University employee, noted a proposal to replace the Dinky with bus service and asked: "Will a bus run on time, let alone at all, in snow and ice conditions such as we had in the 2010 winter, as the Dinky did?"

Readers also have added recent comments to Amy Julia Truesdell Becker ’98's June 2 Perspective essay about raising a daughter with Down syndrome and to a video of University organist Eric Plutz playing a lively transcription of Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance" on Princeton's Chapel organ (a Web Bonus that accompanied our April 28 cover story).

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