The Glitch (Doubleday) is Elisabeth Cohen ’99’s humorous novel following the life of Shelley Stone, a high-profile Silicon Valley CEO, mother of two, and workaholic. Stone believes her life to be perfectly balanced, but when she meets a woman claiming to be a younger version of herself, she begins to question her sanity.

Writer Lindsey Mead ’96 edits a compilation called On Being 40(ish) (Simon & Schuster), which features essays by 15 women who explore various themes of friendship, independence, and aging during this new phase of life.

Nicole Hennessy has committed herself to Zen Buddhism — and to her master at the local Zendo, with whom she has a complicated and increasingly dangerous romantic and psychological connection. Blair Hurley ’09’s novel The Devoted (W. W. Norton) traces Nicole’s journey to regain her freedom by delving deep into her complex and troubled past.