Global Management Training Program at Anheuser-Busch, based in St. Louis, Mo. Princeton major: history.
Courtesy Carolyn Littlefield ’11

What she’s doing: Littlefield is learning about the company’s strategies and the different aspects of brewing, packaging, shipping, ­marketing, and selling beer. During a training rotation at a brewery in Merrimack, N.H., she followed workers in the warehouse and ­produced an Excel program to track targets for shipments. 

Why she wanted this job: “I’m from St. Louis originally, so I grew up around the environment of a brewery,” says Littlefield, who applied after seeing an online job posting. After four rounds of interviews, she says, “It seemed liked a good fit for me. The culture is pretty relaxed. We wear jeans to work. [There are] no closed doors, no scary bosses. ... From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty easy to get your hands in whatever side of the business you want to be in.”

Most challenging: Talking to colleagues from different cultures and understanding how beer appeals to people around the world. Also: ­“getting myself to work at 7 a.m.”