Executive assistant to NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt. Princeton major: Religion
Courtesy Daniel Steiner ’10

What he does: Steiner schedules Greenblatt’s meetings and phone calls and manages his day-to-day life while ­trying to “soak up as much information as ­possible.” He often listens in on meetings and has access to NBC executives, studio heads, agents, and celebrities. “I’m using it sort of as a paid grad-school experience because I’m learning so much about the industry.” 

Most challenging: “Serving another person exclusively. A lot of people graduate from Princeton with the idea that they’re going to be their own boss and be a big-time executive all at once. We’re told so much that we can do anything at Princeton ... but a lot of times [people] forget to mention that you might need to go through a stage to pay your dues.” 

Next steps: Steiner said he’s interested in international TV distribution as well as becoming a creative executive — someone who works with writers and producers to develop TV shows. Down the road, “I would love to run a network or a studio or my own production ­company,” he says.