A new sculpture has joined the University’s renowned collection of outdoor works of art. The sculpture, which consists of three 7-foot concrete columns and two blue rubber forms, was designed by the Lewis Center’s “Advanced Sculpture” class taught by artist Martha Friedman. The class attracted ­undergraduates and graduate students in architecture who designed the sculpture and oversaw its installation between the Friend Center and Mudd Library, where it will be on display through October. The class had a harder time agreeing on the sculpture’s name than its design; the result was a “combined title” 87 words long:

“Untitled; Untitled III; Chopsticks; Awesome; Compression; Blue Balls; Two Standing; One Sitting; Please Sit; Take a Load Off; Compress Me; Finals//Exhaustion; Drill Baby Drill; #Public; Touch Me; 4 Degrees; (Glass) Shards; Three Students; Let’s Vote; #DenzerNation; Princess Di; Giant Poet; Anne-Elise; Freed Me; Antonia (much thanks to Antonio); Ji-Hold Me Tight; Ryan-bot; Three Little Pigs; Three Blind Mice; The Holy Trinity; Three Finger; Three’s A Crowd; Gangsta Lean; Don’t Pee On This Sculpture; Free Advice; Three Advice; Lean On Me; Outdoor Furniture; Outdoor Future; P=NP?; #Reunions13; Emergence.”