Ellen Fullman, left, plays the Long String Instrument accompanied by cellist Theresa Wong.
Frank Wojciechowski

Ellen Fullman introduced audiences in the Lewis Arts complex’s CoLab Gallery to the Long String Instrument, an installation she created 30 years ago, during a November campus performance and workshop residency. The installation consists of dozens of metallic wires stretched across the performance space; the sound is created as Fullman walks along the wires pressing her fingers on the strings. Fullman, a Berkeley, Calif.-based artist, and cellist Theresa Wong premiered works by several Princeton graduate students.

Bora Yoon, a Ph.D. student in music composition, organized Fullman’s visit “to illuminate the nexus of engineering, instrument design, music performance, architecture, physics of sound, and math.” For a video, go to https://vimeo.com/305594655.