Beginning on April 11, Princeton will host its first conference for LGBT alumni, and for our April 3 cover story, journalist Richard Just ’01 spoke with several older gay alumni. Some of these graduates felt completely alone on campus; others found deep friendships and love. Most have complex feelings about their time at the University. But in one sense, their stories have a theme we can all relate to: They spent their college years, as Just writes, “struggling to figure out who they really were.” 
– Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor
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Highlights from the April 3 issue:

Hidden lives Amid questioning, covering, and fear, gay students in the ’50s and ’60s found friendship and even love.

After Sandy Can Princeton professors help to ­prevent such damage from future storms?

Its nerdy image in the past, computer science takes off More than 1,700 students are taking at least one computer science course this semester, compared with 750 four years ago.

Reading Room: Adam Alter *09 The psychologist and author of Drunk Tank Pink discusses surprising forces that shape behavior.

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