With the Feb. 6 issue, we hope to begin a new tradition: We will profile a small number of alumni, chosen by the editors, who died during the prior year. The alumni profiled are not necessarily well known, though many are. Nor did all make extraordinary contributions to public life, though some did. But behind each person — nine men and one woman — was a poignant or unusual personal story that we wanted to tell. We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments at paw.princeton.edu.
– Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor
Student videographers Lauren Zumbach ’13 and Vivienne Chen ’14 highlight deadline-stress relief, including the Dean’s Date fairies, the Holder Howl, and Princeton’s first silent disco. WATCH


Browse scenes from the history of the summer camp, which will begin to break ties with the University this year. VIEW
See works by calligrapher and artist Brody Neuenschwander ’81, who seeks to elevate calligraphy beyond mere decorative writing. VIEW


Columnist Gregg Lange ’70 recalls two 20th-century trustees who served as interim presidents of Princeton; also available as a podcast. READ MORE or LISTEN
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A list of graduate and undergraduate alumni deaths recently reported to the University. READ MORE


Highlights from the Feb. 6 issue:

Lives lived and lost An appreciation of 10 notable alumni lost in 2012.

Construction set to begin on arts-and-transit project With its final approval in hand, the University will begin construction this spring.

Blairstown sets a new course The University soon will sever most of its ties to the Princeton-Blairstown Center.

Still shooting for top scores Former NBA standout Brian Taylor ’84 heads an Arizona charter school.

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