Our special music issue is filled with fascinating alumni, faculty, and students who are erasing the boundaries of music. We hope that reading their stories will encourage you to explore some of the sounds and videos at PAW Online, including 15 free audio downloads from featured artists and three Web-exclusive videos.
– Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor
Browse and download selections from 15 of the musicians and composers included in the Jan. 16 issue, including accordionist Rob Curto ’91, pictured. LISTEN


Watch Ajay Kapur ’02 play music with robotic instruments, discuss his roots as a percussionist, and explain why his projects are “always in beta.” WATCH
Director Penna Rose explains the elements of Benjamin Britten’s “Saint Nicholas,” and the Chapel Choir performs the cantata. WATCH


“Tune ev’ry heart” for this video collage of your alma mater, featuring the Rock Ensemble, Tigerlilies, Tigertones, and more. WATCH
Columnist Gregg Lange ’70 surveys the history of campus singing groups and recalls the joy of touring Europe with the Glee Club; also available as a podcast. READ MORE or LISTEN


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Highlights from the Jan. 16 music issue:

Musical machines Using smartphones, robots, and even rubber chickens, Princetonians are expanding the way we think of music.

Composer at work In the world of musical composition, Professor Steven Mackey is a star.

Play a song for me Alumni recall the concerts that defined their college years.

Profiles in music Four Princeton alumni and their musical lives.

The D-I-Y road to stardom A music career requires more than talent.

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