What could be better than seeing your picture in PAW? Seeing your picture in PAW — that favorite photo you snapped at the P-rade, a sentimental shot of your roommates returning to your freshman dorm, or maybe an image of the Saturday fireworks. Share your Reunions 2013 photos with us for the chance to see them in the pages of our July issue — and win prizes. For more information about our annual reader photo contest, click here.
– Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor
From combing through reference materials to crafting a piece of performance art, the senior thesis offers challenges and rewards, along with a few rituals (such as growing a “thesis beard”). WATCH


Columnist Gregg Lange ’70 explains how a century-old statue — Daniel Chester French’s “The Princeton student,” also known as the Christian Student — found its place on campus. Also available as a podcast. READ MORE or LISTEN


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A list of graduate and undergraduate alumni deaths recently reported to the University. READ MORE

Highlights from the May 15 issue:

Agony! Ecstasy! The thesis is a senior’s final lonely journey.

The future of education? As the world gets a taste of Princeton through online education, Princeton gets ideas to improve at home.

LGBT conference welcomes ‘every voice’

When girls were women: Reflections for a reunion

Class begins to paint picture of Princeton’s ties to slavery

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