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PAW Web Exclusive: 2006 Bonfire Video


The campus witnessed its first bonfire in 12 years on Nov. 17, marking the football team’s victories over Harvard and Yale on its way to a 9-1, Ivy League championship season. After a drenching rain forced a postponement from the previous day, the bonfire was held under ideal conditions the following night, with an estimated 2,000 people in attendance.

“It’s been 12 long years since we lit a match on Cannon Green,” President Tilghman told members of the football team gathered on the steps of Clio Hall, “but you guys made it happen.” She praised the team for “an awesome season.” This was the 24th time that the football team has defeated Harvard and Yale in the same season.

As the Princetoniana Committee wrote on its Web site: “Those who have been privileged to witness a proper bonfire will tell you that it is yet another bit of Princetoniana that stays with you all your life, as the entire campus seems huddled around the heat and light of a massive campfire. Few can forget the sight of Nassau Hall, West College, Whig, and Clio halls all bathed in a warm golden glow of victory, as they watch orange sparks float gently heavenward.”

Vintage clips of past bonfires