As Princeton begins its academic year, the Princeton Alumni Weekly has returned with a new look — our first redesign in more than a decade. In addition to visual changes on the cover and in the magazine, we have added two new sections (Life of the Mind, focusing on Princeton research; and That Was Then, our back-page history feature) and revised several others. You can read more about the changes in my From the Editor column. We consider the redesign to be part of an evolution, not a revolution, and we invite you to share your reactions to the new PAW.
— Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor


Ricardo Barros’ photo essay in the print issue captures the uncommon beauty of the Graduate College. Browse more of his images online. VIEW
View a collage of PAW cover styles in a two-minute video that features more than 100 covers from the last 113 years. WATCH


The new Life of the Mind section highlights Drosophila and its role in genetics. View a sampling of what Princeton researchers see when they watch fruit flies develop. VIEW
Watch footage of the grinding, imaging, and 3-D reconstruction process at geosciences professor Adam Maloof’s innovative lab. WATCH


Gregg Lange ’70 explores honor (and dishonor) in the context of the Class of 2017’s summer reading assignment. Also available as a podcast. READ MORE or LISTEN



Searching for Palestine, and Herself
In the shadow of her father, Najla Said ’96 forges her own identity.

Away From the Horde
Graduate School Dean Andrew Fleming West won his famous feud with Woodrow Wilson a century ago. The result was a college of uncommon beauty.

Some Respect, Please, for the Glorious Drosophila
Hate those pesky fruit flies? Think again.

Challenge Over Taxes
Buildings’ use and royalty payments lead to a lawsuit over the University’s tax-exempt status.

Q&A: A. Scott Berg ’71 on Woodrow Wilson 1879
The biographer explains how Wilson blazed a trail for progressive presidents.

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