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The Alumni Interview Endures

28,917 interviews offered, 7,330 volunteers, 161 countries: The numbers get bigger, the world gets more complicated, but this tradition is going strong
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Guest Essay: Choosing Trustees Requires Greater Transparency

“Princeton wants alumni to think they have a voice, but the Board of Trustees is an opaque, largely undemocratic ladder”
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A Nassau Hall Lego Set? With Princeton Staffer’s Design, It’s Possible

Lego hobbyist and Princeton staffer Matt Smith is hoping the company selects his design for production
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21 Days of Protest: The Pro-Palestinian Encampment, Occupation, and Arrests

Princeton had largely avoided the national spotlight and major clashes on campus until the morning of April 25
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The Man Behind the Curtain

Andrew Golden steps down from Princo after building a $34.1 billion endowment. How should that money be invested and spent going forward?
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Guest Essay: A View of Princeton’s Encampment from a Counterprotesting Alum

“I did not feel any fear, just discomfort and deep disappointment at the portrayal of a historic and complicated conflict in a simplistic, ‘us or them’ fashion”
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Princeton Faculty Find Their Role in Campus Protests  

Max Weiss and others seek to play a “supportive role for students” with statements and lectures at encampment
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Protesters Paint Graffiti, Dye Fountain Red, Interrupt Eisgruber at Reunions

The pro-Palestinian groups tried to keep up their messaging through “disruption” all weekend