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May14, 2008

Vol. 108, No. 13

Indispensable 'jargon'

By Irfan Kwawaja '91

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

In an otherwise thoughtful essay, Evan Thomas complains that “at elite schools like Princeton, academe has been so constricted and warped by political correctness and specialization that students are ... typically left wrestling with jargon and abstractions like ‘agency’ or...

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More 'influential' views

By Wayne Moss '74

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

Having been born on Madison’s birthday (March 16) in Philadelphia (the site of Madison’s great work at the Constitutional Convention), I have always felt a special closeness to James Madison 1771, and I am gratified by his selection as Princeton’s most influential alumnus (cover...

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Honesty on health care

In response to:

By Gary A. Fields '61, M.D.

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

Like most of the critical issues involving our country, opinions about health care are very polarized. I have heard Professor Uwe Reinhardt (feature, Dec. 12) speak many times throughout my years as a physician executive working for an integrated delivery system in Sacramento,...

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Rumsfeld '54 and Iraq

In response to: More on the 'most influential alumni' list

By H. Philip Brandt II ’60

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

Thomas Schiavoni ’72’s Rumsfeld-has-no-place-in-the-top-25 letter (April 2) quickly and predictably morphs into a tiresome anti-war diatribe. I may be wrong, but I’m guessing that, based on his class year and clueless assertion that the troops are doing it for the bucks, he’s...

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Omitted from the ‘most influential’ list

In response to: Having your say

By Alexandra Lebenthal ’86

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

Unlike many, if not most, of my fellow alumni, in my years since graduating in 1986 never have I been compelled to write a letter to the editor — that is, until now. After reading “Having your say: Our readers’ opinions on Princeton’s most influential alumni” (feature, April 2),...

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