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May14, 2008

Vol. 108, No. 13

Young entrepreneurs

By Clint B. Allen '03

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

As the fourth-place finisher in the 2001 annual business-plan competition — defeated by the group on the cover of the March 19 issue — and now a successful entrepreneur, I thoroughly enjoyed the spotlight placed on student entrepreneurship at Princeton. During my stay at...

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Promoting microfinance

In response to: Dollars and dreams

By John W. Scott '56

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

I commend you for your article featuring Arka Mukherjee *95 and his microfinance venture (feature, April 2). Microfinance has been the darling of development economists for the past few years, and it well deserves the increasing recognition. I suspect that you might come across...

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Excellence in sports

In response to: Athletics and admission

By Jessica Rogers '01

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

Clay McEldowney ’69’s letter (April 2) suggested that a change in admissions leadership has led to lower athletic prowess among our sports teams. However, he fails to mention the men’s hockey team’s ECAC Championship win over Harvard and its place in the national playoffs. The...

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A chastity team?

In response to: Support for chastity

By Stuart Moore ’83

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

I read with interest the April 2 On the Campus article about the proposed chastity center. I read with equal interest a New York Times article March 30 about the same subject at Harvard. Clearly this is the latest distraction being disseminated by the right-wing e-mail and fax...

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Rumsfeld '54 and Iraq

In response to: More on the 'most influential alumni' list

By H. Philip Brandt II ’60

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

Thomas Schiavoni ’72’s Rumsfeld-has-no-place-in-the-top-25 letter (April 2) quickly and predictably morphs into a tiresome anti-war diatribe. I may be wrong, but I’m guessing that, based on his class year and clueless assertion that the troops are doing it for the bucks, he’s...

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