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Sept.24, 2008

Vol. 109, No. 1

Gerhard R. Andlinger ’52: Coming to Princeton “completely changed the course of my life.”

$100 million gift to target ‘mankind’s largest problem’

Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

In 1948 an Austrian high school student visited Princeton’s campus during a trip to America he won by writing an essay for the New York Herald Tribune titled “The World I Want.” Sixty years later — after completing a Princeton degree in two years and going...Read more

‘Bridge year’ moves forward

Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

The University plans to start a pilot program for an international “bridge year” in the fall of 2009. Twenty students from the Class of 2013 will be invited to postpone their freshman year and pursue a nine-month service project abroad. A group of faculty,...Read more

New residential college rising

Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

Construction is well under way at Butler College, will become Princeton’s third four-year residential college when it is completed in the fall of 2009. At left and center are portions of two of the college’s three new dorms. At right is Wilf Hall,...Read more

Annual Giving: $54.1 million

Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

Annual Giving broke the $50 million mark for the first time in 2007–08 as the campaign raised a record $54.1 million, up 10.3 percent from last year. The 25th-reunion Class of 1983 raised $8.3 million — an all-time record for any class. Other record-setters:...Read more

PAW’s Web site offers a new look, multimedia content, and more ways to comment

Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

With this issue, PAW launches its new Web site with a new Web address: The new site offers more opportunities to comment on PAW’s stories and letters, and users will be able to post remembrances of deceased classmates to run along with...Read more
From left, graduate student Eugene Brevdo, math professor Ingrid Daubechies, and postdoc Shannon Hughes took part in a contest to identify which of six images of van Gogh paintings was a fake. Charlotte Caspers, far right, created the copy in the artist’s style.

Fake vs. real: Analyzing artwork with a set of mathematical tools

Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

Once a week Shannon Hughes heads into New York to spend the day at the Museum of Modern Art, where she analyzes digital images of masterpieces and discusses how electronic tools could give art conservators new insight into an artist’s style and...Read more

Faculty hires include two in theater, dance

Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

Two faculty members of the University of Texas at Austin have joined Princeton’s Program in Theater and Dance. Jill S. Dolan was appointed professor of English and theater and dance. She has written extensively on arts advocacy, democracy, and social change;...Read more
Stewart Prager

PPPL director named; bids to run lab sought

Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

The University selected Stewart Prager, a noted fusion-energy researcher, to lead the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab as the Department of Energy opened the first-ever bidding process to manage and operate the lab. Prager, a physics professor and director of...Read more


Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

Two Princeton researchers have developed a way to burn nano-scale designs onto microchips, advancing technology that could be used to make smaller, more powerful microchips in the future. The technique, described by mechanical and aerospace engineering...Read more

Aid in '08

Published in the Sept.24, 2008, issue

What can families expect to pay for a Princeton education? In July, the University released financial-aid figures based on the grants received by this year’s freshmen. The estimated cost of tuition, room, board, books, travel, and other expenses is $49,190.Read more
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