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Mar.18, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 10

The universe's ultimate fate

In response to: The cosmic apocalypse

By Chris Morris *78

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

Three cheers for Princeton statistically discerning our universe’s ultimate fate (“The Cosmic Apocalypse” by Mark Alpert ’82, cover story, Feb. 11)! But while Schrodinger’s cat is still mysteriously boxed, indeed rendering us only 90 percent half-there, why not invoke what...

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A modest idea for Annual Giving

By Dick Wythes ’51

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

Now, after 20 years of real and pseudo [grad school] Yalies in the White House, we at long last have a Tiger. I propose that we come up with an 800 phone number to be made available to all Princeton alumni … perhaps 1-800 MS OBAMA or 1-800 MICHELE [misspelled] or 1-800 LINCOLN....

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Making moral distinctions

By John F. Fay *85

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

Professor Jonathan D. Cohen’s work on neuroscience and moral reasoning, highlighted in the Fall 2008 brochure of Aspire Princeton, provides a perfect example of why good scientists do not necessarily make good moral philosophers and confirms my decision not to give any money to...

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Supporting nonbelievers

In response to: Keeping the faith

By Earl B. Byrne ’54

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

Anent “Faces of Faith” (cover story, Dec. 17): It would seem that “diversity” has been the holy grail of the University for several decades now, especially with respect toreligion as it is depicted in PAW.Indeed, the online University directory of campus activities lists a...

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Dislike of Krugman

By Butch Kinnebrew ’59

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

“[Professor Paul Krugman] deadpanned that Nobel Prizes are given to intellectuals, and most intellectuals are anti-Bush” (Notebook, Nov. 5). I have taken Princeton off my resume long ago due to the comments by your hero, Krugman, and have written him many times with copies to...

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