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Apr. 22, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 12

Cover Story
Jeff Perry ’68 in the basement of his home, surrounded by files to be used in his future writing projects.

Do-it-yourself scholars

No backing from the ivory tower. Plenty of grit.

By Merrell Noden ’78

It’s a bitterly cold January night in Harlem, but inside the Hue-Man Bookstore & Café on Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Jeff Perry ’68 is just getting warmed up. He’s been talking to a rapt audience for almost an hour about one of his greatest passions —...

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Members of Princeton’s Student Naval Training Corps march on campus. From the Princeton Bric-a-Brac published in 1919.

Why Princeton was spared

The University lost no one in the deadly 1918 flu pandemic, providing lessons to consider 90 years later

Published in the Dec. 17, 2008, issue

Sometime on Thursday, Sept. 5, 1918, a young man enrolled in the Navy paymaster’s school on Princeton’s campus reported sick with an upper respiratory infection. At the height of World War I, much of the campus had been transformed into a military camp; the...Read more

Outlook worsens for endowment

Published in the Apr. 22, 2009, issue

Citing a “more pessimistic outlook for endowment earnings,” President Tilghman announced April 6 that Princeton will freeze salaries in the coming year for tenured faculty and for staff earning more than $75,000. The latest forecast from the Princeton...Read more

Sex! Mayhem! Students gone awry!

Christian Gauss’ forgotten diary illuminates campus life at a tumultuous time

Published in the Apr. 22, 2009, issue

Thirty years ago, Ernest Bartell ’27 wrote an angry letter to PAW denouncing the modern University as “a moral morass — wide-open sex, drug and alcohol abuse, stealing, the Honor Code a shambles.” Everything had been rosier in his day. But George Chaikin ’31...Read more

A moment with ... Lisa Belkin ’82

Published in the Apr. 22, 2009, issue

For more than a decade, Lisa Belkin ’82 has written about work and family life for The New York Times. The mother of two sons, 18 and 14, she has written three books, including Life’s Work: Confessions of an Unbalanced Life (2002), and recently began blogging...Read more
Newest profile: April 9
Michael Froman ’85, deputy national security adviser
Tiger of the Week:
Obit magazine co-founder J. Robert Hillier ’59 *61
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Audio: Dispatches from Iraq
Links to NPR reports about Nate Rawlings '04's experiences in Iraq, from Whitney Terrell '91 and Rawlings himself.
Parenting adventures
Read three of Lisa Belkin '82's favorite postings from her blog on work and family, The Motherlode.
Web Exclusives
Podcast: Gregg Lange '70's Rally 'Round the Cannon
Fidel Castro’s 1959 visit to Princeton created a media circus.
Alumni profile
Deanna Ford '03 founded a nonprofit to support children who are scavenging from a dump in Nicaragua.
On the Campus
A campus alert of a suspect carrying a weapon was an unsettling experience, Paavana Kumar '10 writes.
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