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Sept. 23, 2009

Vol. 110, No. 1

Cover Story
Karen Ho *03

Margaret Mead meets Morgan Stanley

Karen Ho *03, an anthropologist, explores the culture of Wall Street

By Mark F. Bernstein ’83

As plumes of smoke billow from the international banking system, it is wise to assess how we got here. The current economic crisis has been attributed to many things, from the deregulation of the financial-services industry to sheer greed and stupidity....

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The green roof of Dormitory A, with Wu Hall at right. Whitman College’s Community Hall is at top, center.

New Butler College comes to life

The ‘subtly sophisticated’ five-dorm complex has wavy walls and green roofs

The start of the fall term brought the opening of the new Butler College, with 283 undergraduates moving into five red-brick dorms that replaced the razed buildings of the much-maligned New New Quad. The dorms were built on a tight time frame, with...Read more
View of the High Line between Little West 12th Street and West 13th Street, looking south.

Park with a view

Alumni unite to create High Line in New York City

Visitors have noticed many things about the High Line, a city park that opened this summer in New York along what had been a mile and a half of abandoned elevated freight railway. Prairie grass. Berry bushes. A few old steel rails. A glass-enclosed...Read more

Atop Mount Princeton

The Class of 1972 was reaching for the sky when it planned a ­summer mini-reunion atop Mount Princeton. Before sunrise on July 17, 33 classmates began hiking up the mountain in central Colorado with a common goal: Walk uphill until you can’t go any farther....Read more
Web Bonus Links
Video: Inside Wall Street
Karen Ho *03 talks about her new book, based on her dissertation, about the world of investment banking.
Slide show: Climbing Mount Princeton
Wonder what the climb is like? View images of the Class of '72's trek in July, with an account by "Merc" Morris '72.
Web Exclusives
Piano man
Lawyer Thomas Schiavoni '72 plays piano at soup kitchens. Turning 60, he played at the Hotel Ritz in Paris.
Podcast: Gregg Lange '70's Rally 'Round the Cannon
Tintinnabulation: A towering gift – by the ton. With an audio clip of the Class of 1892 Carillon.
Lend a hand
Add your group to PAW's list of nonprofits created or led by alumni.
Stories from the front
Alumni share firsthand accounts of their wartime experiences.
Free choice
View videos of mathematician John Conway's lectures on free will, with a brief commentary on each one.
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