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Sept. 22, 2010

Vol. 111, No. 1

Ross Ohlendorf ’05 of the Pittsburgh Pirates pitches against the Atlanta Braves May 21 at PNC Park. Despite his efforts, the Pirates lost.

Fast pitch, fast mind

A Princeton grad carves a spot on the diamond

In baseball, thinking too much is a liability. Last month alone, major leaguers cited over-thinking for nearly every conceivable flaw, from erratic pitching (San Francisco’s Tim Lincecum and Texas’ Rich Harden) and a long hitting slump (Oakland’s Jack...Read more

Princeton and the telescope

Sizes refer to diameter of lens or mirror

Professor Stephen Alexander observes solar eclipses with Munich-made telescope, second-largest in United States.Read more
Messier 51, as observed in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, is actually two galaxies in collision. The impact, which will take 100 million years to complete, creates the spiral arms and the spray of stars visible at the right. Known as the Whirlpool Galaxy, Messier 51 is 23 million light-years away from Earth.

The stargazers

After decades of exciting breakthroughs, Princeton astronomers are enjoying a new explosion of discoveries

One breezy December afternoon in 1882, faculty astro­no­mer Charles Young fired up the gas engine that powered Halsted Observatory’s metal dome and turned the dials of the new, 30-foot-long telescope, fourth-largest in the world. Then he waited nervously...Read more
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