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Mar. 2, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 8

NCAA Preview: Princeton women's basketball vs. Georgetown
On Tuesday, Princeton women’s basketball head coach Courtney Banghart gave a candid assessment of her team’s approach to its NCAA Tournament opener against Georgetown in College Park, Md. “Last year was our dance,” she said, “and this year is a work trip.” Ivy League opponents may have already sensed that the Tigers mean business: After dropping a Feb. 4 game at Harvard... READ MORE
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Schoolhouses rock

In today’s education-reform ­movement, ­alumni lead the charge

By Kathy Kiely ’77

Sophia Echavarria was the kind of kid for whom Princeton seemed an impossible dream. As a fifth-grader, she found herself struggling in a school that she describes as an unfortunate relic of the 1970s — a “school without walls” where one class could be...

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An economic life

From the classroom to the White House dining room, professor Alan Blinder ’67 has unusual clout

Published in the Mar. 2, 2011, issue

During the worst of the recession, in April 2009, Alan S. Blinder ’67 was invited to ­dinner at the White House. President Obama ­wanted to speak with him and other prominent economists, including Blinder’s colleague Paul Krugman, though the guests didn’t ...Read more
The conceptual design by Steven Holl Architects for the proposed arts and transit neighborhood. At the top is McCarter Theatre; in front of the theater are three connected buildings for the Lewis Center for the Arts. At right is New South; in the foreground is the planned transit plaza and new Dinky station.

After a ‘go/no-go moment,’ arts center plan in jeopardy

Published in the Mar. 2, 2011, issue

Princeton appeared ready to abandon its plan for a $300 million arts and transit project near McCarter Theatre — four years in the making — after local governing bodies Jan. 31 refused to endorse a necessary zoning change. “This is a go/no-go moment for...Read more

Fees to rise only slightly next year; undergraduate costs estimated at $52,600

Published in the Mar. 2, 2011, issue

Undergraduates will pay about 1 percent more for tuition, room, and board next year, under a $1.45 billion operating budget approved by University trustees in January. The budget, up 3.7 percent from this year’s $1.40 billion projected spending, includes ...Read more
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Paul F. Jacobs *66 wrote "Spot on! Hardly wishing to "pile on," as I still revere my years at Old Nassau, nonetheless I grow..." in response to Universities on the Defensive

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