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Apr.6, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 10

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Cancer statistics and Chernobyl

In response to: A moment with...

By Frank von Hippel

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

Theodore Rockwell ’43 *45 takes exception (letters, June 1) to two of my statements (A Moment With, April 27): 1) “These [power] reactors were not designed for inherent safety. These are the descendants of submarine propulsion reactors, where safety has been an add-on ... I...

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Watering down WWS

In response to: Wilson School to end selectivity for major

By Walter Winget ’58

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

I note announcement (Campus Notebook, May 11) of ending of certificate program and of selective admission at truly great program of Woodrow Wilson School and its replacement with a watered-down version that in my view is so radical, it should result in...

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Tears, pride at Reunions

By Hugh Scott ’61

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

On Reunions weekend, I traveled from home in California to college in New Jersey. I have been a “bad grad,” having been to only two reunions before this, 50th. I was concerned because I felt that I would not remember many of classmates, other than roomies and...

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'Star Wars' vs. Mozart

In response to: A moment with...

By Michael J. Schiano ’78

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

Thomas W. Morris ’65 is correct when he refers to the “decline of music education in the schools” (A Moment With, June 1), as school orchestras seem to prefer Star Wars to Mozart. Later on, when he refers to how “adventurous” programming can be used to create younger...

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Analyzing imbalances

In response to: President's Page

By Ted Taubeneck ’48

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

What delicious ironies in President Tilghman’s page in the April 6 issue: • Men are underrepresented in leadership positions in arts organizations and community-service groups. • Women are underrepresented in leadership positions in student government and eating clubs. • Men’s...

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