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Dec.2, 2015

Vol. 116, No. 5

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The many lives of Nikki Muller ’05 include, from top right: singer, songwriter, and ukulele player; writer; and (though differently dressed) boxer in the gym where she trains. At top left: Muller as Muller.

The Creative Life

Passion? Check. Flexibility? Indeed. Health insurance? Maybe later.

By David Walter ’11

For about $5 ($10 for rush delivery), Nikki Muller ’05 and her comedy team will write you a funny song. All you need is an account at

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Emily Carter, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is the Andlinger Center’s founding director.

Where Collisions Are Key

At the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, collaboration sparks questions and answers

By Carmen Drahl *07

When Hurricane Sandy pummeled New Jersey in 2012, Princeton escaped with far less damage than many other communities: mainly, 50 felled trees,...

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Science, with Style

By Inga Saffron

What’s a college science building supposed to look like? These days, we expect the architectural equivalent of an iPhone, with acres of smooth...

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CDC epidemiologist Rebecca Levine ’01

Taking Aim at Plagues

Princeton-Fung Global Forum looks at lessons learned from the Ebola crisis

By W. Raymond Ollwerther ’71

With the recent Ebola crisis largely under control, experts gathered in Dublin in November at the Princeton-Fung Global Forum to discuss lessons...

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Q&A: Keith Devlin on Math as Auto Mechanics

‘Math Guy,’ a visiting professor, teaches course aimed at non-mathematicians

By Allie Wenner

Keith Devlin is a mathematician, an entrepreneur, and NPR’s “Math Guy” on Weekend Edition. But this fall, he’s on campus as a visiting professor,...

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From left, Jimmy Stewart ’32, Joshua Logan ’31, and Marshall Dana ’32 rehearse for their “Drinking Song” number.

A Memorable Show by Triangle Club

That Was Then: December 1930

By John S. Weeren

The Triangle Club’s 42nd season, overseen by future stage and film director Joshua L. Logan ’31, was among its most memorable. For the first time...

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Megan Heuer *08, left, and Emily Arensman ’06 create events that bring visitors to the Whitney Museum, which is exhibiting the work of Frank Stella ’58, including, shown at left, his mixed media work “At Sainte Luce!”

Profile: Emily Arensman ’06 and Megan Heuer *08: ‘From novices to experts’

Alumnae design public programs to draw all audiences to Frank Stella ’58’s art at the Whitney

By Jennifer Altmann

When a retrospective on the work of Frank Stella ’58 opened this fall at the Whitney Museum’s new building in downtown Manhattan, Megan Heuer *08...

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